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Pleasant Garden's Family Pharmacy
Pleasant Garden Drug, Pleasant Garden, NC

Pleasant Garden Drug carries an extensive line of premium natural and grain free pet foods. Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, and EarthBorn foods are FOUR and FIVE star rated by DogFoodAdvisor. See DogFoodAdvisor to find out why these are MUCH higher quality than Purina, Pedigree, Beneful, Rachel Ray, Science Diet and so many others (and still affordable!). We also carry natural and freeze-dried pet treats!

Pleasant Garden Drug carries a full line of premium pet foods.


Pleasant Garden Drug helps you take care of your pets by offering:Dog and Cat supplies at Pleasant Garden Drug

  • highest rated nutritional pet foods
  • flea & tick control drugs, no prescription necessary
  • worm medicines
  • bedding in all sizes, affordable
  • bath and grooming supplies
  • toys
  • apparel
  • collars, leashes
  • food & water bowls
  • pill pockets
  • freeze dried treats
  • dry roasted treats
  • much, much more

Livestock food



We also sell scratch grain for your livestock. If you need it, we will order it. Come in and speak with our asscociates about placing your order.

ph:  (336) 674-5611
fax: (336) 674-0995

Guaranteed Lowest Prices in SE Guilford County



  • hormone replacement
  • specialty drugs
  • pet prescriptions
  • topical creams


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  • Shelves of items
  • only $1.00
  • Tons of savings!